Investor Services

Thinking of the potential to have Real Estate make passive income for you? There are many exciting options for those thinking of Real Estate as more than just a home.


Or maybe you are considering purchasing property to own as part of a rental portfolio? Do you know what amounts different areas attract in rents and are income producing? During our consultation we can assess location, the cost analysis associated in acquiring the property and potential income from owning rental property.


Are your thinking of investing in Commercial Property? Or maybe you are looking for space for a new business venture to lease. The search for commercial space is very different from the traditional residential sale. We are experienced in the ins and outs of Commercial Development, Leasing and Procuring. Most decisions come down to researching Market Trends, Demographics and Statistics for a particular project or location. Contact us to view current potential properties that are available in any area. Many properties are confidential, so don’t hesitate to set up a consultation to make a plan to acquire or sell your property.

Renovations/Flip PROPERTIES

Are you looking for a fixer-upper property that may be affordable, needs a little improvement but has tons of potential? Properties that are in need of a renovation may be just what you are looking for. There are many homes that have the potential to instantly increase in value with just a little TLC. Call us for a consultation to get started and to receive a list of potential properties that may qualify.

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