For Buyers

When getting ready to place a home on the market, the seller's tendency is to look for things that may need to be fixed or updated in order to make the home more marketable. Such ideas are born of the premise that first impressions make all the difference in selling the home as a purchasing decision is often made within the first minutes of entering a home. Unless you have extensive experience in the real estate market, this may be an insurmountable task for you to tackle on your own. This is where Trinity Realty can lend its expertise by providing you with a consultant who can maximize the unique and beautiful qualities of your home to leave the buyer with an impression that will enable your home to stand out and above all others.

Trinity Realty offers sellers an optional one-hour consultation with a design expert who will help "stage" your home. For many homeowners and real estate agents, the concept of "staging" is shedding new light on how to show a home to its best advantage. Buyers appreciate visiting a home where they can clearly see its features, and envision themselves living there. First impressions are very important in real estate. At a time when there are many decisions to be made, it is frustrating to try to choose where to start. Our expert will help organize and arrange your home to showcase its unique strengths and beauty. Staged homes have been proven again and again to sell faster and for the best price possible. In addition, most buyers feel their time is best spent in homes that have been thoughtfully prepared for their visit. Whether you are selling your home, or you are in the market to buy one, a home that has been appropriately staged by Trinity's experts is more likely to help you reach your goal sooner.